Summer Endings

This week it’s been slightly cooler than usually is this time of year in the summer, so I decided we needed to go to the park. ALL of us.

(lets just say HOT Texas summers, video games, TOO MUCH inside time has been had)

So, I loaded up the fussy babies into the stroller, got the helmets on the bigs, scooter for one and bike for the other, opened the door and I swear INSTANT happy happened.

We all felt the cooler (below 90degrees) breeze and headed to the park.

We were approaching the park and I hear a child yelling my oldest girl child’s name in all kinds of excitement and I, being just out of view of who this little delightful child was, cringed and perhaps said an expletive.

Because, lets face it. One of our previous park goings was less than lovely. And I’d forgotten to think about just how many others were going to have the SAME idea about getting out. Especially before 10am. NO ONE is out much before that in the summer. Oh, but today they were.

I rounded the corner and saw a couple others moms and their kiddos and braced myself for a possible less than pleasant park outing.

But, I was completely surprised at what did happen. It wasn’t at all miserable. It was honestly pretty freaking awesome!

The other moms remembered my daughter and me and welcomed me over and we chatted while the kids played and I pushed the babies back and forth in the stroller to keep them happy.

We got to chatting and discovered they were both Special Ed teachers in their lives before stay at home mom-hood. They totally got it. They got me, they got my daughter. We shared a bit of our hearts with each other and when it came time to leave the park, I left refreshed and my soul a little more soothed. Heck, I even jogged home a few blocks! {haven’t really done much of that post twins…but I did and it was awesome!}

SO, all that to say….Thank you to those mamas and other mamas out there that GET IT and aren’t afraid to say so. To step up with helpful and encouraging words and support that are soothing to other mamas souls.

I wish more mamas (and parents in general) were that way. I know I am trying on my end of things. Less judging and more understanding and compassion needs to be passed around. Some of us have kiddos that “look typical”, but on the inside, their brains work and think differently. It’s not easy and you may see me out there sometime with my kids and think “wow…that one is OUT OF CONTROL and THAT mom needs to DO something about it”. And I wish I could look at you with your judging eyes and tell you our story. The whole story. I’m not sure you would even care, but I’d hope that somehow, it would encourage you to look a little deeper and realize there just might be a bigger picture and story that ties it all together. And that maybe my kid is not just some out of control brat, but that maybe she has special needs and it requires me to think WAY outside the box. Maybe you’d see that the balancing act I juggle everyday is exhausting and that maybe instead of murmuring and casting judging glances my way, you could just shut up and maybe hold the door or elevator open for me and my brats.

Just maybe.

I know becoming a special needs mama had opened my eyes WIDE and there is much more compassion when I’m out and about and see other mamas struggling. Maybe it’s just an off day. Maybe their kiddo missed their nap…or maybe that other mama has a special needs kiddo like I do and it just trying to survive the day.

I get it. And I hope that more compassion finds it’s way to you fellow mamas. And I pray my other three kiddos have more compassion and awareness about other people and children around them. That they will be able to see past the behavior and SEE the real person.

Less judging and more compassion. Yes.