Perfect To Me

You know that picture? The one you snapped of your kiddo that one day, maybe yesterday or last year, or several years ago…that one that you don’t even have to look at to remember?

Yeah, that one. The one you snapped. No posing, no fancy clothes or cameras or anything like that. Just a moment you wanted to capture…and you did.

And it’s one of your most favorites ever? Yeah, I love those kinds the best really.

I think I stopped a long while ago trying to get that “perfect” shot of my kiddos.

You know the one…”look at mommy! Look here! SMILE!”….

I decided I didn’t want that perfect shot. I wanted the one that captured the moment as I saw it. In my head, through my eyes…my child. Just as they were.

Sometimes it’s planned a little, like you dress them not in their jammies and take them to the park. Mainly to play, but being intentional about capturing a moment if one arises.

Other times it might be completely impromptu and unplanned. And they’re covered in jam or leaves, or still in jammies or their diaper…and its the best ever!

You captured a moment. And it’s something you will always remember…or you will scroll past that photo while editing others and the moment will come flashing through you like it was yesterday.

Your heart swells a little more and you think, “wow, I remember that day. It was awesome…how was that already 5 {or 10…} years ago?”…

But it doesn’t matter, because it’s tucked away in your heart. It’s always there to glance at…to remember.

It’s funny. I used to share so much more on social media than I do now. Pictures and such.

And I still do…just not as often. Not because I don’t have plenty to share. Just….sometimes I don’t want to. Like I want to keep that moment mine.

Maybe it’s because already my littles are growing too fast and I don’t want to spend more time on the computer than I already do. I don’t know.

But I do know that I am trying to be more intentional about the moments I capture. The ones I want to remember.

I try to always have my phone ready to snap a pic. It may not be my big fancy camera quality, but it’s good enough. And I might edit it on my phone and post it to social media…or I might not.

But, I will remember it. It’ll be perfect…to me.