When A Quick Errand Turns Into A Mini Vacation…..At The Craft Store

The other day, I got to go to my local craft store. Alone. For a whole 30minutes…to myself!

I was actually running a quick errand, but it turned into a little mom time. It was nice and not a busy day or time, so I leisurely decided to stroll up and down the isles.

Okay, really, they rearranged the store since I’d last been in there, and I had to search around to find what I was looking for. But that’s okay…because thats how it turned into me having a mini vacation.

And I know, that IS sad that 30 minutes alone in a craft store is like a vacation to me right now. But, it’s the season I’m in. And I’m okay with it…most days. And I have a few things planned throughout the second half of the year that include this mama having a little more time to recharge.

But I digress.

So, while I was meandering through the store, I stumbled upon some fabulous grown up coloring books! I flipped through some, and then one jumped into my shopping cart. And since it did, I decided it needed some new just-for-mama coloring pencils to keep it company.

I grabbed what else I needed and secretly wished I could just go home and color….but the kids needed dinner first.

Such is life.

Seriously though, I was like a giddy kid and could.not.wait till I could sneak away and lose myself in some coloring….however, it was like almost a full 24 hours before I even touched that book and pencils…

But when I did…ohhh…therapy.

It was maybe only for 20 minutes, but it was a glorious 20minutes. And as I colored, I processed through all that is going on and my to dos and the fast approaching end of the school year….And so very much is going on and so very many things to do.

Which, is partly why I have not blogged in a while. Truth be told, there hasn’t been much time outside of life to do much else. There are times I feel like I’m under water with simply the daily tasks and parenting/mothering/being a wife…

Life can be crazy. Life IS crazy busy.

I constantly have about 3-5 blog posts running through my head, and inevitably, I will finally get to sit at my computer, only to have a few emails I need to respond to, texts, the laundry will beep…and suddenly my time has been eaten up. And then the twinnies wake from their naps…the bigs get home from school….then DINNER!

It’s amazing all that happens throughout the days. And before I realize it, it’s late and I’m too tired to stare at my computer screen to type out a post. A post that is now lost in my head somewhere and my brain too tired to retrieve it and turn it into words….

So, I might color instead. And coloring will eventually bring those thoughts back to being, and they will swirl around in my head and at some point find their way to my computer screen…