Blogging Basketball and Distractions…

I brought my oldest to basketball practice, thinking I’d try to get a little blogging time in.

Hahahaha. That was such a nice thought.

Instead, I’m sitting here listening to a bazzillion different bounces and squeaking shoes and loudness in the sports center his practice is being held at.

And it’s kind of distracting. Plus, I totally want to watch him more than focus on other
s t u f f.

And I have a headache. So all the l o u d n e s s is kinda hurting my heady-ball. A lot.

So, instead of knocking out the couple of blog posts I’ve been wanting to get out of my head and typed onto screen, I bring you this random blog post.

Random can be fun. Yes it can.

You know whats funny about this whole basketball thing? I’ve never liked the sport. Not really.

{go ahead. gasp away.}

I never minded shooting hoops, I’ve just never really enjoyed watching it.

Hockey? I love it. Football? Definitely.

But basketball? Never truly been a favorite.

{I know, I know…}

And I remember years ago, my husband asking “what if J ever wants to play? What will you say?”.

And I remember immediately answering “then I will go and watch and support him and learn to love it!”.

So I am. And he’s never really played before this year, other than shooting hoops in the driveway, and he. is. loving. it!!

And I am enjoying getting to see him learn a new sport and enjoy it. And have fun.

I believe having fun is a very important part of sports. They are just kids after all. I think letting them be kids is important, too.

So, I sit here, typing out this random post, peeking up to see my biggest big kid every once in a while.

Speaking of, I’m going to sign off now. I want to go watch this awesome and amazing kid and give him the undivided attention he deserves.


Two Turning TWO

The twinnies turn two next week.

I’m not ready for it.

I’ve been in this state of limbo between wanting to slow time down, but enjoying all the new discoveries they make as they barrel towards two.

Each month, each week, each day we’ve inched closer and closer to two…all the changes and new things and watching them grow and discover and learn…it’s been amazing and heart-wrenching all at once.

They are my last, biologically, that will be. I will never again carry a baby and feel it kick me as it grows and prepares to enter the world.

I will not breastfeed one, or two, babies again in my life.

That season has come to a close and my heart, and uterus, are feeling the aches of knowing that season is passing and has past.

I want to hold on. I want to snuggle my newborns and inhale them.

Yes, I know the exhaustion that comes from both a singleton and newborn twins. It’s a blur and

Oh, but the effort and extreme exhaustion were totally worth it. And I can say that now that I’m through it.

Then? I just wanted to sleep longer than 40minute stretches between nursing and pumping and starting all over again.

{And coffee. Copious amounts of coffee}

But now? Almost two years later…I am looking at my babies. Well, they’re not so much babies anymore, are they?

They are full blown toddlers headed towards being pre-schoolers all too quickly.

And I just want to hold on. I keep saying that, I know. But I do.

I want to always remember them this little. I know how fast it goes, my oldest is 10 years older than the youngest two…I get it. I really do know how quickly it passes.

I also know how insanely busy and crazy it can feel and how you just want to bust out and have 5 minutes alone.

But right now? I just want to immerse myself in their littleness. Letting them be little and seeing them discover so much around them.

But, oh, how my heart still aches knowing they are my last littles.

The difference between my oldest turning 2 and my twinnies turning 2 is such a world of difference.

With my oldest, there was hope more would happen and become. So much time stretched in front of us.

With the twinnies? Ohhh….this is it. We’re entering into a new phase of parenthood and it is both wonderful and gut-wrenching.

So, right now, I will hold on and attempt the best I can to dig my heels in and slow time, knowing I can’t, but trying my best anyhow. And I will hold and snuggle my growing bigger every second toddlers…and next week, on their special day, I will bake cupcakes. We will sing happy birthday and eat Mac & Cheese (their current favorite) for dinner, and we will CELEBRATE them.

And later I will hide in the pantry and cry. Because I’m a mama and I can.

What Not To Eat Before Heading To Your First Kickboxing Class

I finally decided it was time. A new kickboxing place had recently opened up about 10 minutes away.

{I’ve been wanting to do this for a while}

I signed up and had my first class scheduled.

I so wanted to chicken out. I was nervous, I was anxious….

But, I committed and I was determined to go.

However, on the day of, about an hour before, I almost completely forgot! It just so happened to have fallen on the last week of school. Not entirely sure WHAT I was thinking when scheduling it.

“Oh, that day? Sure! It’s only the night before my oldests 5th grade graduation. No problem! I don’t want to be able to walk the next day anyway….”

And, on top of all that, there was like a bazillion million things to accomplish.

Like, say, your son tells you he wants to wear a tie! {he currently didn’t own one} Oh, and “mom, don’t forget about the cookies you said you’d make to pass out for the summer birthday deal”….oh yeah. That.

{I had, indeed, forgotten. Super mom I am not, but I had to pull that cape out and get to work! I had promised. And I’m seriously not the crafter/baker queen, for realz….}

So, back to the kickboxing…

There was a party for all the 5th graders and I took him. It was an awesome time for the kids and a nice little getaway for mom. Dad had the other three, so it was just me and the oldest.

Then, on the way home, I was all “lets stop for coffee” and did so. Then realized, as I saw the cross fit people in the parking lot that I HAD SOMEPLACE TO BE in like 30 minutes! Oops.

{mad dash home, shimmy-shake-jiggle into my sports bra I’d bought pre-twins and hadn’t used much since then…ya know, breastfeeding twins and all that jazz….threw on some clothes, grabbed a water bottle and dashed to class…Oh yeah, and ate a half piece of leftover fried chicken that we normally never eat, but had leftovers sent home with us from MIL, and that was literally all I had time for. And it was off my husbands plate…let’s just say, not a great choice.}

Arrive, sign in and fill out paper work stuff. Get my gloves and get ready for what I’m told “the first 15 minutes is hell”….


And it was. That half piece of fried chicken? It almost made a second appearance.


And the instructors? They are like babies. Okay, they’re in their 20’s, but like more than a decade younger than I am.

And fitter.

And since having 3 bio babies, two being twins, my body is NOT.THE.SAME. Like, at all.

I cannot move the way I once did. My hips? So NOT the same since twins. Coordination in my late 30’s? NOTHING like it was when I was in my 20’s.

You guys, I felt OLD.

I’m not used to being “the oldest” or the “older” person in the room. And I wasn’t the oldest, but I sure wasn’t the youngest.

But here’s the thing…age? It really is just a number. And my body? It’s brought 3 tiny humans into the world and traveled oceans to bring home another to our family through adoption.

I am not the same as I was.

And here’s the other thing….I’ve accepted it. That my body is different and that I simply CANNOT do what I once did. And I have to modify some things. But, I’m also not going to let that stop me.

So, I sucked it up and went for it. And it.was.awesome! I mean, I totally felt like I was going to hurl in that first 15 minutes {and I am NOT a puker, folks}, but by the end, I was hooked!

And I signed up for 5 classes, so I have 4 more times to get my butt kicked again.

But, the fried chicken will not be joining me. I’ll stick with my green smoothies before and after class.