Someone Spilled My Coffee

I decided to get a pedicure.

It had been quite a while and my toes were looking in need of a little TLC. And I was about to head to see my sister in Ohio, so I thought, why not?

It’ll be a nice treat, I thought. A kid-free hour-ish that would give me a minute to breathe from all the insanity of summer.

And before being on a plane with…ya know, people!

{why yes, I am an introvert…}

I should’ve known it was not going to be quite as relaxing as I hoped. I just should’ve known.

{because it never really is}

I decided to grab some coffee from the coffee shop next to the nail place. And as I entered, I swear to you, I thought the sign on the door said “over-priced coffee”. It, in fact, said “over-ice”.

Haha…silly me. But totally true.

I decided to get a VENTI. A venti iced mocha, non fat no whip. That’s what I got.

I then popped in to the nail salon, decided on an awesomely bright purple color for my nails, and started walking towards the seat I was being ushered to….my venti iced deliciousness in hand.

The very nice lady asked if she could take my coffee…

{side note: it’s probably never ever a good idea to you ask if you can take my coffee. Offer to get me coffee? Definitely. Take it from me? Mmmm…not so much}

I hesitantly handed over my coffee and then she asked to take my purse. She set my coffee down and then went to set my bag down.

And then it happened.

She tripped or something, knocking into the side table she’d placed my coffee on, and my iced mocha deliciousness went flying up in the air…..

{I’m pretty sure things started to play in slow motion at this point}

I stopped dead, pretty sure my mouth dropping open in horror as I helplessly watched my coffee go flying in the air and crash landing, beginning to spill out all over the place.

And I’m pretty sure the girl two chairs over almost had a coronary, and almost dropped her laptop into the water below, as she watched the contents of my iced amazingness flying through the air and ALMOST landing in her very nice leopard print bag.

Thankfully….YES, THANKFULLY, it was a venti. And the lid stayed on! So not nearly as much as I thought I was seeing spilling out actually spilled out. There was over half left.


I felt terrible for the very nice lady. She apologized profusely. I told her it was OK. Really, it was all good….I said this as I picked up my coffee and held it in a vice grip, and smiled.

And then I drank it. All of it.

That Time I Chose Not To Wipe The Fingerprints Off….

It was after a long string of bad/sad/mad news.

My FaceBook feed seemed to read more like a hallmark movie, turned horror film, turned everyone dies story.

Or something like that.

I had bought some new-to-me dining chairs for the kitchen table. The old ones were still in good shape, but we needed to add two more..since the two pairs of little feet added to our family would, sooner than later, be sitting with us at the “big” table…and I happened to find SIX of the same style chairs all together from one place. And they cost less all together than two of the same type of chair brand-spankin-new would cost. Total win!

They had this lovely {nothing against this color, mind you} shade of forest green that was oh so the rage in the 90’s. And it was a bit chippy. But not the stylish distressed type, but more like clearly well used and loved chairs type.

Previous to finding these awesome new-to-me chairs, I had debated back and forth weather to get six different styles of chairs and paint them all the same color, or all different colors….OR get all the same (or similar) styles and paint them each a different color.

When I spotted these, I decided to paint different colors, but let my two oldest pick the color they most wanted {within reason-ish}….they chose green and pink. I was able to locate relatively close shades in moss and coral. It works.

I chose a teal and mustard yellow for the other chairs. My littlest little kept trying to take her big sisters chair, so I decided to paint hers the same color. It’s totally working so far…

I got some strange looks when I said I was painting the chairs different colors instead of more coordinating, but it’s okay. People also thought I was crazy when we moved into this house a year ago and I took the big kids to the paint store and let them pick out their own paint colors for their new rooms.

I’ve heard “you’re brave” more than once. And “I could never let them do that! I have a certain way I want my kids rooms to look, so I choose for them”…


I decided my kids were only kids once, and this is the one personal all their own space to retreat from the craziness of our loud and silly family…and it’s only paint. I let it go and let them choose.

And WOW, the colors have a glow to them at certain times of the day, but it’s okay. I actually love seeing their personalities in the paint colors they chose. Except maybe when I have a head-ache and the glow gets to be a little much…

So. Chairs. I decided to paint the chairs all kinds of different colors. When I was painting the first two chairs the teal color, I learned about an amazing person that was losing her battle with cancer. I didn’t know her personally, but I heard she had kiddos similar in ages to mine and it just hit me hard.

I remember the tears streaming down my face when I read she had finally lost her battle. I kept painting those chairs….thinking about my kiddos. Thinking about me as their mama.

I thought about how life is too crazy short to worry about perfect. Life is too short not to have colorful chairs.

When I had finished painting the chairs, but hadn’t put the wax coating on them yet, the twinnies had had some blueberries with their lunch and, before I could get their adorable little blueberry hands cleaned up, they had climbed into one of the chairs. My chair, actually.

The one I had painted my Gramma’s favorite mustard yellow color.


And there they were. Little blueberry finger prints.

I went to wipe them off and stopped myself. I knew the second I wiped them clean, I’d regret it.

So I left them. Then I waxed over them.

I don’t want perfect. I want my house and life to reflect who we are. Who we are as a family.

I decided to let it go and embrace it. And I know, ten years from now, I will love seeing those little blueberry fingerprints and remember the way my littlest littles were that put them there.

I will remember how I wanted to keep letting go and just enjoy the moments we were living. The way life was RIGHT THEN. Enjoying my kiddos and learning more and more of their personalities and letting them be who they are.

Life is too short. Too insanely crazy short not to let a little color intertwine and make things a little brighter.

Here’s to learning and deciding to let go and just live!

Soothing To The Soul Friendships

{Note: I actually wrote this last summer and apparently never posted it. So, even though it was written a year ago, I felt it needed posting. Soothing to the soul friendships are so important. Enjoy!}

There is something about getting out with a good friend that is just soothing to the soul.

One of my dearest friends, who moved away a few years ago to another state, came for a visit the other day. We decided to go out to dinner at a new-ish local place. It was delish!

But even better was the company and the friendship. There is something about having twins, in addition to 2 other kiddos (one with sometimes overwhelming special needs), and being lost in a hole of sorts for the past year just surviving through it that takes you somewhere and away from so much. And in a way I didn’t even realize!

I have been seeing people and out and about at times. Not as often as before, for obvious OH MY GOSH I don’t WANNA with ALL of them at the SAME TIME ways.

Truly. I LOVE my kiddos, but all four out and about with just one of me to manage….well, sometimes it doesn’t go so well. And other times I manage it like a boss. But more on the not-so-much side of things lately….

People have been to visit me and bring me dinners and short visits. I’ve gone out to a couple girls nights with the gals from our new church and it’s been fabulous.

But to go out and have one on one time with one of my dearest friends hasn’t happened in far too long. Things in my world the past few months have been so topsy turvy and unsettled with moving and an unplanned surgery right in the middle of it all, and then the twins turned one, and then my sister dropped the news that she’s moving to a way too far away state. And it’s all happened so close together, I feel like I’ve been treading water. And yet, not even realizing it.

My days are filled with lots of activities, none of which taking care of me is one of. Which is bad. It’s been WEEKS since I’ve been able to do yoga. Surgery interrupted that, and then we moved and it’s been managing trying to get the house together in the spare moments I’m not taking care of babies, which has been pretty much 24/7. And which I love, but I’d also like to feel some peace and “settled” in our new house….at some point.

SO, getting out has not been the easiest. Alone is almost never and with a good friend for dinner? Not at all.

It was great and so good to reconnect with my friend. A friend that gets it and understands. A friend that saw on fb that my sister was moving and immediately texted me to see how I was. She knows my sis and I are close and it’s not going to be easy…we’ve lived 5 minutes from one another for the past 12 years. So, her now being several states away is going to be…..different.

I’ve been emotional about it. About so much of it….all of it, but have not taken note to take care of myself. So much so, that when my friend contacted me and said “Hey! Need a night out?”, I almost cried. Then felt ridiculous about being so emotional. Yet I was. And in being so, have come to realize just how much I need to start focusing and being intentional about mama getting a break here and there. It’s hard in this phase of life….I know it won’t always be this crazy and chaotic, but while I’m in the midst of it, I need to take care of me so I can be that much better of a mama and spouse. So I can truly ENJOY these days.

This kind of friendship is so good. So important. I need to remember that, take note of it and myself be more intentional.

Soothing to the soul. Yes.

The Shortest Longest Summer Ever

We’re entering into our second month of school being out and it’s been one of the most challenging summer breaks ever.

And emotional.

The twinnies are super crazy active and into anything and everything and learning new skills (like climbing, moving chairs, stealing crayons from their older sister…), definitely taking things up a notch in the creative parenting department for me…

My oldest girly needs a lot of one on one attention. The past two years, she’s qualified for extended summer schooling for special ed. This year, they decided she is retaining better and “they think she’ll be fine”, so-to-speak. Which, is both YAY! and c r a p.

Yay, because she has made some awesome strides this past year. And had some setbacks, as is typical for her. She’ll progress awesomely in one area, only to regress in the other. Not so yay. But still…Progress!

The c r a p part, because keeping her challenged and the babies entertained is not an easy task. In many ways and areas, they are catching up to her, which definitely is presenting some additional challenges. And typically, so far this summer, M wants to color more than anything else. Which means, the twinnies want to color. Which means me trying to sit at the table and we all color together.

Except, then, M gets anxious, they keep trying to take ALL THE COLORS, and someones paper inevitably gets crinkled and a meltdown by one of the three will occur.

So, I’ve been working on activities and such that the littlest littles can be a part of as well.

Meanwhile…it’s also the last summer before my biggest big goes to middle school. It’s been a pretty big and important task of making sure he simply gets to BE A KID.

I have found this is not always easy. But I’m trying. We’re making sure to get some fun activities for him and hanging out with friends and swimming and just chilling.

And here’s the thing, this summer? I know it’s going to zoom by! In one way, it feels like the longest summer ever in front of me. Yet, here it is July and over a month of the summer break has past and come August, it’s back to getting ready for school and all the middle school stuff that will be happening then.

And I am so not ready. It’s different this time. It feels different and it IS different. Life is changing and growing and relationships adjusting into a new phase. A phase I knew was coming, but wasn’t quite ready to hit. I don’t think a mama ever is truly ready for these changes. We simply have to take them and process them as they come…because there’s no stopping it.

So, I am embracing the chaos that is the everyday of all the kiddos being home and I am learning to let go of a lot and just let things be {except for all the planning it takes to keep some routine for my oldest daughter and prevent the meltdowns…}.

I feel it…the shortest longest summer ever.