Back To….Already?!

I know, I know.

It’s August. Already.

I know some have already started heading back to school, but where we are, we’re starting to wind down the last couple weeks of summer.

{counting down, if I’m being completely honest. This summer has kicked my butt!}

And in just a couple weeks, my two oldest kiddos will be heading back to school. One to middle and one to second grade.

{I might still be in a bit of denial about the middle school thing…}

Which, of course means thinking about getting all that school gear together and checked over and assess what will still work and what needs to be replaced.

And lunches. Lunch containers and bags are pretty well used around here, so durable is a must.

I have to say, as far as lunch containers go, THESE have been a favorite. We’ve actually used them for the past three years and they have been FABULOUS! Especially for my little one with special needs. I get asked about them often, so I figured I’d just write a post about them and share why we love them so much.

{and in absolute full disclosure, this is not a sponsored post, just me simply sharing things I love that have been helpful for my family…there are some affiliate links, but it costs you nothing to click and helps add a little extra to my sanity…err…coffee fund}

These actually fit well in the pottery barn kids lunch box my daughter uses. She’s pretty hard on her lunch bag and backpack and we’re about to enter year three on the same backpack AND lunch box, so I have to say it’s been worth the investment. And the Easy Lunch Box containers have endured as well. Bonus!

Probably one of my favorite things, other than that my daughter can open and close them easily herself, is that I can make up her lunches for the week and stack them neatly in the fridge and VOILA! Lunches made for the week easy peasy. They store well, too, when not in use and don’t take up much room. The lids stack nicely and then I stack the bottom part of the containers on top of those. Seriously makes school lunches way easier for us.

And I am ALL for things that help simplify my life!

Here are my Real Life pics of how I store them when not in use:

And when in use ready for the week:


I’m actually able to stack two rows of these for both my big kids. My oldest makes his own lunches (woohoo!) and stacks his up in the fridge.

And, thankfully, these lovelies helping to simplify things a bit more, leaves me more time to try and finish my hot coffee before my twin toddlers tackle me!

Haha! Just kidding. I’ll still be reheating my coffee for a few more {ever} years….

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