That Time I Unintentionally Paused My Blog….

Coffee Break

I had plans. So many.

Posts in que ready to go, scheduled out. Dreams and happenings for this little blog of mine to do some awesomeness.

Then, life happened and I unintentionally paused my blog.

I know.

I’m sometimes completely terrible at this. Okay, most times.

But, I also completely believe in being honest and transparent. And sometimes life just happens and you have to reset and regroup and decide on whats going to take priority.

And as quiet as it’s been on the front side of this blog, it’s been anything but quiet behind the scenes….

There are still posts in que and things going on and plans being made and all that fantabulousness. And hopefully, SOON, I will be sharing more about all that.

Meanwhile, I’m going to have to push PAUSE just a little bit longer….

But, until I release that pause button and go full steam ahead again, I hope YOU are doing well and amazing!! And whether you are doing amazing, or sorta kinda MEH, let me know! How ARE YOU doing??

Pantry Blogging…

I’m blogging from the pantry….

Yes. I am.

It’s been one of those days.

One of those days that I am so tired, I stumbled into the kitchen to make my coffee and barely remembered to put a mug under the spout dealy {whatever it’s called} on the keurig.

I clearly needed that coffee.

You know, one of those days that you are so thankful for all the beeps and buzzers of all the many different amazing machines like ovens and dishwashers and washing machines….

Because without them, you’d forget that you were baking, washing dishes and that the cloth diapers were finished.

One of those days that your tiny tots are clingy and needy and no one slept well and you are so tired that you told your oldest daughter to “put her door by the front shoes”


So, I have a quick moment. A break….to go grab the diapers out of the wash {yes I’m crazy and cloth diaper TWINS!}. And on the way in here I grabbed my computer and am attempting a quick and completely random blog post.

{Shhh. They all think I’m doing chores. Let’s let them continue to think that…}

Meanwhile…I am going to finish this cup of coffee, hit publish and get back to….uh….whatever it was I was going to do because whatever buzzer bell thing went off.


How’s your day going? Do you ever hide in the pantry {or closet or bathroom} to escape the chaos for a brief moment?