2015 {one little word}

Here it is…that time of year where I choose {along with many others} my one little word for the New Year.

As I look back, I cannot believe this will be year 6 that I am doing this! Where did all the time go??

If you’re curious, here’s the previous years words:







Last years word was gratitude. I spent many a day/week/month remembering that word in all the little, and big, things of life. Last year was one full of changes…so. many. changes.

First up was deciding to put our house of almost 12 years up for sale.

We did. It sold and we moved 1/2 mile around the corner to a better functioning house. And trying to pack up and move with four kiddos, two being twin infants and newly mobile at the time, was quite the comical undertaking…

In the middle of all that, I ended up having gallbladder surgery { I know }, two weeks before the big move and wasn’t able to pick up my baby twins for almost an ENTIRE month.

I had to keep reminding myself about that word…gratitude. I was grateful is wasn’t longer {but how I wished it was shorter!}, and that I was able to hold them again before they turned ONE.

Then they turned ONE. I’m still in shock about how crazy fast that one year zoomed!

Then, a couple weeks later, my sister moved over 900 miles away.

For the past 12 years, we’ve lived 10 minutes from each other. 900 plus miles is REALLY, really far…

There were lots of other changes, but I won’t get into ALL of them…you get the gist. Lots and LOTS of change….like a revolving door around here!

Gratitude. It helped give me a little perspective when I needed it. And it definitely led to the word that chose me back in September when I started thinking about what 2015 would look like.

I wasn’t really thinking about my “word” for the new year, but just pondering. Thinking. And then it just was there…the word that I would mull around, toss about and think on plenty.


My word for 2015 is ENOUGH.

As this past year moved through all it’s twists and turns and we packed and decluttered and unpacked {still unpacking} and decluttered some more, I started really taking to heart the process of simplifying.

I would look around and wonder HOW was there still so much stuff after all the purging and decluttering and garage sale-ing??

I know we are in a season of our littlest ones having lots of hand-me-downs. And we are grateful for them. And I process through and process through again and only keep what I know I will put on my babies.

Anything more is too much.

And the process of simplifying has filtered it’s way into the rest of our lives and we have slowly been decluttering and simplifying in many areas.

My husband and I looked at each other in the process of packing and unpacking and agreed “we just don’t want a bunch of stuff!”…

And baking and cooking….I try to plan ahead about two months in meal planning {it’s a process} and in doing so, I typically make about two weeks worth of meals, sometimes more, of freezer and crockpot friendly fare that will feed us well more than once.

{I’ve become a recent convert to liking leftovers…}

Throughout the past several months, simplifying and making sure there is enough, without being too much, has become something I really strive for.

So much so, we’re thinking of selling our freezer.

I know. I’m pretty sure I just heard a GASP! Because I did the same thing when my husband suggested it. But in reality, I’ve been working on us having ENOUGH. Not too much, but enough.

And so, we started using up what was out there and, luckily so, because not too long ago, without our knowing it….the power blipped and the freezer was NOT ON! For like a few days.

And that word, gratitude, came into play one more time. I was SO thankful that we had used most of what was out there. There were a couple bags of veggies and some ice packs. That was it.

And I am so grateful I had already been working on the {still a process} having enough, that I didn’t fill up the freezer with meals like I had been planning to. Because…ALL of it would’ve gone bad.

Now, this is not to say that freezers are bad. I think they’re really awesome. Just, for our family, we want to focus on having just enough of what we need. Enough to feed us for a couple weeks, maybe a little more, but not so much that we have to have extra storage for it.

Again, not that that is a bad thing. Just not for us. Not right now.

I want to focus on what is enough. Not more. Not excess. Simply E N O U G H.

I am certain it will stretch me in the year 2015, as we continue to simplify and declutter and choose to live more simply.

And it is a process I welcome. To have E N O U G H, really, in the grand scheme of things, is quite a lot.

Do you choose One Little Word each year?